Saturday, 11 September 2010

Chicken Kabobs

Although it is still officially summer where we live that season has pretty much ended for us. The weather has turned cooler, grayer, cloudier, and wetter and it makes you want to curl up with a good book most of those days. And while many of my cooking/baking experiences lately have been breads and muffins using up the zucchini from our garden (those posts will be coming soon), I thought I'd share a close-out meal of summer. I guess I really shouldn't say close-out meal because even when it is freezing, blowing, raining, and possibly snowing, we still use our gas grill. One of the best purchases ever made where cooking is concerned!

We did a pretty simple chicken kabob to use up some of the veggies and fruits we had sitting in our fridge. My husband was in charge of skewering the items so we ended up with a great assortment. As you can see from the kabobs on top, some have all tomatoes, all pineapple, or all chicken, and then others further down in the stack are an assortment of items on a skewer. It really is a simple and easy meal, the longest part is preparing your items to be skewered (can you tell I like that word!). Enjoy!

Chicken Kabobs
boneless skinless chicken breasts, marinated with your favorite marinade or sauce

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